Every child deserves a loving family

We ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children live in permanent, safe homes with nurturing and loving families. 



In Uganda, 2.5MM children are orphaned and hundreds of millions more are at-risk of family separation.

These children often end up on the streets, trafficked or in orphanages. They need protection and a stable home. The reality is orphanages have damaging effects across every sphere of development. For every three months that a young child is in an orphanage they lose one month of development.  It’s simple, all Children need stability and plenty of hugs and love. Every penny helps keep these vulnerable children in loving, healthy families. 


Our programs

We focus on three pillars: child protection, family support, and economic development.


Keeping orphaned, vulnerable children safe.


Meet Baby Kisa Pawere Emma

Baby Kisa Pawere Emma was born on in Feb 2018. Her mother had a rare swelling on her neck in her final trimester and had to undergo…


Meet Baby Asabit

Asabit was abandoned by her mother, who suffered a mental breakdown and reportedly left for Kenya, a neighboring country.